Monday, May 19, 2014

A Makeup Artist Blog that is Not About Makeup...

  Welcome to the official launch of The Body of Artists Blog and Newsletter! This
has been a long awaited very exciting moment for me as I have been anxious to
create a platform where I could share my knowledge, experience and ideas about
this very multifarious industry in which we all commonly have chosen our career, or
where some aspire to build a career. There is just so much to say about the beauty
industry, and so many stories to share on how one becomes successful in it, so I
have chosen to focus on a certain aspects of it that reflect everything on what The
Body of Art is, and who I am not only as an artist, but a human being. Its going to
be about growing, learning, inspiring, taking on true creativity in your life, failing
and being successful, and really allowing yourself to surrender it all to yourself and
community, thereby living the life and doing the work you know in your gut is true
for you.

  As makeup artists, it seems hard to gauge what our business is “supposed” to look
like. Most of us don’t have an office to go to, a boss to report to, or even a structure
by which we get paid and pay taxes with. A large percentage of us make it up as
we go along. Hell, I am still making it up everyday! Every year I learn and develop
new levels of my business. Even if we have attended renowned prestigious makeup
schools or academies, or even gone to cosmetology school, very rarely is the subject
of how to be a good business owner ever addressed. But even the ones who make
business education apart of the curriculum, usually still do not address the most
important as aspect of being an exceptional business: being in relationship. 

  Now I know there are some of you who may be thinking, “I am not really a business
owner, I’m just a freelancer. A business owner has a company, and possibly
employees, and most likely a lot more responsibility than I do”. Well my fellow
Creatives, the first step to expanding your success and creating amazing connections
with your clients is to be in the mindset that you are in fact a business owner. You
do in fact run a business that offers a service that people out there need. We have
a responsibility to offer that service, with a craft we specialize in and with our
experience we are experts in product, tools, and situations where we know how to
solve problems. Even though it may be only us, we are customer service, accounts
payable and receivable, art department, and production management. These are all
very important roles that run a business. What makes this business successful is
you, the CEO, the Art Director, the boss. One of the most integral parts of the success
of your business is the one driving force that dictates everything else: connecting
with your clients with their needs by being in relationship with them.

  As a an artist and an educator, I have learned over the years even if I am the sole
proprietor of my business, the most successful jobs I have had over the years
have been when I have taken the extra time to create connection with my clients,
colleagues, and anyone who free-lances for me. The times where I have gone the
extra mile to hear the vision and ideas of those I work with and get committed to
creating synergy between us are the times where the result is not only prosperous,
but fulfilling. Further more, when groups of us working towards a common goal join
together to share ideas and skill set so that our work excels on exponential levels,
we thrive off our energy and support. THIS is what The Body of Artists is. A place
where you can seek and find support on the challenges we all deal with. It’s a place
to celebrate your baby steps and your grand leaps in your journey. A place where
you can hear or share stories of how you pushed yourself and were rewarded, or
how you met a challenge and were scared, but prevailed.

  So what you can count on here is to laugh, learn, share, and grow… find solutions
to common problems, or become reassured you are not alone. Thank you for being
here, being you, and doing what you love … see you every two weeks!